Find the Time

by Matthew Sandstrom

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A short EP with a wide variety of music. There is secret bonus content for those who download the whole EP. C'mon, it's free!


released December 25, 2012

Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Synths, Engineering, Producing, Mixing, Mastering: Matthew Sandstrom




Matthew Sandstrom Dudley, Massachusetts

I love to write, record, and produce free music!
Thank you so much for taking the time to listen.
If I run out of free download credits for this site, download my music for free at
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Track Name: Feel
In the past, when you barely knew my name
Was a time when I rotted in sorrow and shame
My emotions dammed up and bottled in
As I drowned in self pity
Drowned in sin

I fixed myself, but the dam remained
A scar left by my former pain
I ignored it and I was happy with life
But you gave me so much more

You taught me how to feel again
Broke the dam, unleashed the flood
In you I had a home again
You restored the warmth back to my blood

I didn't know how to repay you
An angel is what you seemed to be
I only wanted to embrace you
In comforting arms eternally

I tried to tell you how much you meant to me
But you just didn't realize
And words of loved rolled off your tongue
But you were just fooled by a guise

You were glad to forgive me for what I used to be
You were glad to forgive me for waiting so long
But something made you change the way you looked at me
And then you left me hurting, broken and wronged

The one who loved to
Spend time by your side
More than anything on earth

The one you had to teach
So carefully
That there's something life is worth

You taught me how to feel again
Broke the dam, unleashed the flood
(Taught me how to feel)
In you I had a home until you
Cut me out and spilled my blood
(You burned down my home)

And even though you left me
Bleeding on the floor
(In darkness)
You'll always have a friend in me
(Open arms)
I will never lock the door
(And open heart)

You taught me how to feel and then
We fell in love but crashed and burned
And things will never be the same
But I'll wait for my friend to return
Track Name: Winter
The winter comes
The life numbs
Hope is incased in ice

The temperature falls
The soul inside calls
Longing for the days when the weather was nice

The leaves fly
The plants die
Glazed in freezing rain

The cold stings
The air rings
With cries of anguish and pain

My mind wonders
As the darkened sky thunders
Whether I can make it through

But my heart knows
No matter what else comes and goes
I will find home in you

I'll fight the pain; I'll make my stand
As long as you just hold my hand
I'll take the load from your back as well as my own

I'd rather bleed out by your side
Than find a safe, warm place to hide
Where you're outside my arms and I'm alone

We both will make it through the storm
I won't give in; Won't see you torn from me
By wind, rain, sleet, hail or the trials of time

The only thing that could pull us apart
Is if we fall out of each others' hearts
So let's both hold on tight and try to shine.

Track Name: Choose Your Disease
A fork splits the path ahead
The crown must fall on someone's head
But on both sides are hands stained red
And so the future is our dread

So it starts and sides are taken
Monsters inside start to awaken
Hatred spreads, foundations shaken
Faith in human kind is breaking

Choose your disease
By the hands of either beast
We sicken
Choose your disease
It's just that simple;
The plot won't thicken.

The tensions rise
To end it all
Before my eyes
The curtain falls

The choice is made
Yet the battle still rages
I want it to fade
But fools keep playing sages

You, stop acting
Like you won

Your skin is burned and blistered
By an empty sun

It gives us no light
Rewards not your praise

And to the others

Stop this flow of foolish
False hindsight

Lying to yourself, pretending
Like it might

Be any better if we chose
To waste away by some other means

Choose Your Disease
By the hands of either beast
We all will bleed
Choose Your Disease
Odysseus, you made your choice
So fare the sea
Track Name: You Are My Hope
Now we're growing close together
As our secrets fall apart
And we're both becoming tethered
To each others' open hearts

It's taken me forever
To feel alive again
But now you've helped me to sever
The hopelessness within

So I'll hold you up
As high as I can
So that I can show you what
You don't understand;

It's true that
Your reflection should make you proud
A heart that
Rises so far above the crowd

I'm not sure what you see in me
But I'm glad there's something left to see
And I'm sorry that I had to be so shy

But I'm opened up to you right now
And I'm finally comfortable allowing
You to see deep into this scarred mind

I'm sorry to tell you that your knight
Bleeds beneath his armor
And that I was afraid of open air

I'm sorry that I'm on a ledge
And that sometimes I may totter
But you've given me a true reason to care

You are my hope.